Chronicle of a neurotic photographer

Ben non Cxxnasse

The last hours before a wedding are hyper stressful for the bride and groom. Refining the last details, have small disappointments, anxiety on the weather and the famous time line…

Very often, they share with me their wedding photographer, their anxieties over their emails, of their phone call… On my side I do tell them never too I fear, why go add a layer. The top 10 worst phrases to say to the bridegrooms: "then, not too stressed out?" to which they might rightly answer in a sarcastic tone: "Ben non Cxxnasse... I have just spend a year to organize this day in every detail, why I'll be stressed (e)!" with the look that kills…

Well, it's true some stress, as my lovely bride and groom of Riom, but they remain an exception!

I won't indigestion

And me in all this and although I stress also! And Yes, as a musician before stepping on stage, a mixture of anxiety and excitement. I thought that over the years this ball in the stomach to blur, but not, and finally it's not worse. It may be that always pushes me further in research, creativity, composition… And I have learned to live with, to tame this fear, to the point that if one day it disappeared I would ask me seriously if I continue to be wedding photographer. Maybe it's time to find a new way that makes me vibrate so much that today ' hui.

To not be be immobilized behind my camera, the day of the wedding, I have my small habits to unpack. The gestures were done and we redid, which are unnecessary but which reassure. Of course I check my cameras in all their guises, memory cards are formatted and reformatted, sorted in a specific order. I check my personal Kit: ticking, WD, small spoon, scissors, sewing, handkerchiefs, lighter kit and a "GRI" at con but sometimes do not seek more far than what dictate you your conscience.

Then a small check on the planning of the bride and groom, schedules, locations… I put everything in my (my) GPS. The bride and groom and their witnesses telephone numbers. And I always eat the same thing, the same mark to avoid a little indigestion, it would still damage.

The dance of joy

And finally I ask myself on my pc in decompression mode. I scratch on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… and My wed! Then My wed is a community of photographer of the world in which there is a kind of classification. Your position in the list of photographers depends on the number of I like that get your photos (only other photographers can "vote") but also of the Holy Grail: the choice of publishers! An award given to some good pictures!

And then yesterday I connect after my usual train train and I see a small flag red on one, then two, then three of my photos… Wow, dance of joy, big uncontrollable smile that makes you wrong to the jaw but you can't stop…

3 "editor choice", it is indescribable, I lost my words, my first 3 a coup like that! It is a recognition of my work, it's more that joy, it is also a moment of inner serenity, a small path that tells you: 'congratulations! You have well worked! "." It's a very foolish, for a moment everything stops, you flat on your little cloud and all is happiness around you!

Everything is possible

Here it is, thanks to all my lovely bride and groom without whom nothing would be possible! A super photographer Juyá nice often said 'Todo es possible'. I say it to myself often internally, auto persuasion and there I had the feel of him touching a moment…

Okay, I could call this article "my 3 editors choice", "the eve of a wedding I stress", "never without my grigri"… but I do not know if you have opened this article and read until the end. Then not too disappointed?