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Elegant autumn wedding photographer Jarnioux

Elegant autumn wedding photographer Jarnioux

Elegant autumn wedding photographer Jarnioux Photographe de mariage chic automne Jarnioux

So the marriage proposal, romantic ?

I had prepared a surprise weekend in the calm of a hotel / spa near Versailles. I preferred to make my request head to head so that we can live this moment in privacy.


Preparation for the wedding :

We fell in love with the Manoir de la Garde from the first moments after visiting two other castles in the area. We managed not to be too stressed, even if some elements, like the color of ties or the choice of flowers took us time … In the end, the most stressful was that everything was consistent and successful.



Le jour du mariage

Un mélange d’impatience de et grande joie. Nous étions très contents que le jour-J soit arrivé et nous avons voulu transmettre cette grande joie à nos proches pour que ce soit un sentiment partagé. Tout le monde a semblé heureux et cela nous a enchanté.

Providers :

Our jackets came from Jean-Jacques in Paris, Stephanie’s dress came from Metal Flaque, a house in Paris bringing together several designers and brands. The flowers were set up by the Manoir de la Garde. The DJ: Frédéric de Key artists and the Caterer: Declerck






Elegant autumn wedding photographer Jarnioux

Have love


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