Plaid shirts, pompom caps and snowballs…

family session photography in the mountains

family session photography in the mountains
family session photography in the mountains Photographe séance famille à la montagne Castille ALMA

Reportage de Famille France & Philippe Péron

family session photography in the mountains
I’ve been away from Lyon for about two hours. Once above the clouds I discover a sumptuous landscape, the one that has made me vibrate for some time already. A dry cold, bare trees covered with a fluffy white, these green Blue Mountains, a sunny sky marbled with traces of airplane that lead to other landscapes even more distant but already I escape. It’s the excitement in my head… 
Kathleen It is this beautiful Canadian in the midst of her family. She contacted me to prepare this moment as a family. We are at the end of December, on the Swiss border, in a few days it will be a special birthday of his mother but today is the birthday of his brother. All six gathered to spend a joyful moment filled with sweetness and vivid laughter.
The six of them with their Canadian lumberjack shirts, their pompoms, their joy to live this moment as more than 20 years ago in Canada. I am always super enthusiastic about sharing these intimate moments of a family’s life and this time it was a real magical moment. A spontaneous and joyful family as I love them with a humor just as offbeat as mine… 
For a week, Kathleen and I have been scanning the weather to choose the most suitable location for this photo report. Everywhere the rain predominated, it’s always disappointing but not impossible to make a photo shoot in the rain. And luckily when I came to France & Philip the Sky was clear.
Quickly I became acquainted with their family and we jumped into the 4×4 to leave even higher and discover a beautiful landscape covered with snow. And it was gone for snowball battles, caches in the trees, Kelly’s hugs and all those tender looks.
Back home It’s the excitement again, tea & whisky around the Brasero, pompom beanies, plaid shirts, I feel like I’m in Canada… And the focus of Kevin & Cassie completes the painting for a total displacement…
It is now time for gifts in this already festive atmosphere, a touch of extra emotion before I let them continue to enjoy these joyful moments with the family.
Here 2017 ends on this beautiful family photo shoot that I let you discover.
family session photography in the mountains




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family session photography in the mountains

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