Marry without stress!

marry without stress

Marry without stress, you think that it is impossible and NON-small good Bride To Be, marriage and stress are not synonyms if you follow some very practical tips!

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  1. Good organization: and Yes, if you are one of my pretty bride you have received my super guide flange to Be with its mega checklist that helps you to take stock of what you have left to do before this great day each month. So no stress, if you know where you are and where you are going you have no reason to panic a few weeks of your wedding.
  2. Witnesses involved: the role of the witness is often set aside, but remember my Jolie wedding that your witnesses you have chosen them because you love them, they count tremendously for you, they were there when you went well and you were also there for them, then they have accepted to participate in one of the wonderful day of your life and this does not stop a signature at the bottom of a sheet! The choice of the decoration to the implementation of the latest details make participate them, they will feel even more involved, with a sacred mission: make this the most beautiful day of the day! So out of the question whatsoever that on your wedding day you up at dawn to fetch your bouquet, pizza for lunch, put paper lanterns in the gardens…  You give them the coordinates of your providers with my little memo "that what do do" and they manage the small ups and downs throughout the day. Liberated spirit assured 😉 Zen
  3. Thinking of you: takes a moment for you, not a true moment! I see you come with your afternoon where you did that run dress in Accessories, votives in photophores girlfriends… Me I'm talking to you a true moment where the words wedding dress white, decorative and… are expectant.
  4. Are you fighting evil with evil: you stress because you are just in your dress? Well 3 months before you put you in the sport, you take an appointment with a nutritionist or a good seamstress, each sees midday at his door. Not you your greatest fear is to see a slide show with horrific pictures of you teen? and there all just you say, it sounds simple but yes it is, just to say, your friends will not be enough… to not listen to your desires! You're afraid that everything is perfect? It is never and this is quite normal, it is a big party in honor of your love, then missing 3 candles, anyone else that only you will see it, past beyond the essential is not there!


marry without stress

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