Holding hands

When I first met Madeline and Henry in Grenoble they already stood hand.

Wedding photographer Grenoble from newlyweds hold hands in a church during the religious ceremony of marriage. Photo made by Castile ALMA wedding photographer in Grenoble, Isère (38).

For couples, held by the hand is a gesture that we do without even realizing it. The need to touch the other, feel the commitment that binds us. The current changes without even a glance and spend well messages…

In this photo you’d hear this whisper: “that’s it, we are married and United!”

I love the way to talk about the philosopher Piero Balestro. I think he is completely right when he says that we job too our feelings when we are with many other people and that is also why I advise my groom to realize their couple away from their family and their friends to leave free photo session short to their feelings.

Grenoble wedding photographer.

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