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Urban wedding photographer Lyon

Urban wedding photographer Lyon
Urban wedding photographer Lyon Castile ALMANot

The meeting

We met in Salt Lake City, Utah during my sabbatical year. We were just friends. We were both already in a relationship. A year later we met again in France when we were both single and fell in love.

Marriage proposal;)

We knew we were going to get married since early. The question was more about when. It was done naturally.

The preparations

The wedding preparations were hard. The hardest part was surely the distance between Corey and his family. We’ve prepared ourselves a lot. We absolutely wanted to have cheese from a very Frenchy dairy with a red cross that Corey discovered (cheese Galland) and that is excellent. On my side I knew a good address for wine (in the cellars of Charpennes).

The day of your wedding

Corey got a little crazy three days before the wedding. She was so stressed out that she couldn’t think or sleep. Yohanna, too. He tends to lose things when he’s stressed. Fortunately, they have very good friends who helped them prepare everything. They could not have done it without Maxim and Alli. Corey thinks the best part of his day was during the photos, when it was the quietest end. She could have decompressed a lot at the time. She had the surprise of a musical representation of Yohanna’s friends at the exit of the town hall. The attention was no longer on her, it did her good.

The providers

Yohanna’s Costume: Father & Sons
Dress of Corey: Mademoiselle Mariage
Hairstyle: Jouvanceau ²
Florist: O’kiosque
Cheese: Galland cheese
Wine: In the cellars of Charpennes
The American cake: pastry Alain Rolancy

A little note about me and the pictures 

We are SOOO happy so far. I really searched hard for you…….

Castile was wonderful to have as a photographer on my wedding day. She was very approachable when I first contacted her and made arrangements, and even more sweet in person. My husband and I are both shy, yet she made us feel comfortable during photos. I recommend her and hope to hire her again to capture our special life moments in the future.

Urban wedding photographer Lyon


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Urban wedding photographer Lyon

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