3 months without stress

Wedding photographer in Mozac

Wedding photographer in Mozac

Mozac garden wedding photographer Then proposed marriage, romantic?

No official request, no white glove or knee on the ground. A shared desire, a no-brainer for all 2, finally for all 4! and then a Saturday, September 23 in 2017, the accident of the calendar, the anniversary of our meeting, so let’s go? a challenge that we started and we had at heart to raise.

The wedding preparations:

A market of amazing marriage, previously unknown universe of the kitsch to the most luxurious. Everything is outsized, coded, organized, too for us… then we wanted to disconnect us from this market, select partners for what they are, for their values, partners who are like us and in tune with our project. We have operated from the heart basically.

The day of the wedding

We were so into the vortex of the preparations that we realized that we were getting married when we spent our costume/dress, 1 hour from the ceremony! a very nice day, we wouldn’t be better because everything went as we had imagined. We have felt no obstacles, 1 wedding in 3 months time including August, fingers in the nose no? (the bride’s teasing me with this article that I named the fingers in the nose). No stress, if it is for the one thing that we reduce, the weather! but we should not is not it!

The place of receipt we fell on by chance, 1 visit, 1 favorite! and then this terrace, these gardens for children… you don’t have to look any further.


Dress Laure de Sagazan (Paris), outfit Boss, rings jewelry Helior (Clermont-fd), florist flower market (Chamalières), hairdresser/makeup artist Nicolas and Delphine of Camille Albane (Chamalières), catering chef Frédéric Coursol.

A word about me and photos:

Immediate integration, a relationship healthy and relaxed, a presence that is quickly forgotten to capture the natural, the emotion, the precious moments. Pictures wonderful, charged with emotion, which made us smile, but also cry (a lot)… joy of course!

Wedding photographer in Mozac

Have love


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