The old Lyon, its cobblestones & places to discover

Wedding photographer Old Lyon

Wedding photographer Old Lyon

Wedding photographer Old Lyon

Corey, My sweet bride straight from Salt Lake City. Between the park of the golden Head and the old Lyon his heart falters… She wants to photograph in the greenery, but at this season not easy to find leaves trees. She also wants pictures where we can not doubt that one is in France.

After several exchanges of e-mails I propose a compromise for this photo shoot to meet his expectations. Old Lyon. This area is full of very Frenchy places, with its corks, cafes and bakeries. and other hidden but very nature places in the heart of old Lyon that you have to take the time to discover but that are really worth it!

This couple of newlyweds is of infinite sweetness. Today is their big day, the day they will say yes, Unite, get married… Impatient waiting, stress, the day of her wedding is not always as we imagine but he is always successful and we keep beautiful memories! Once the first two minutes of the photo shoot passed, the gene to pose in front of strangers dissipates. Quickly Corey and her husband take the picture game, they let go, wear by my advice. They feel good, they feel themselves.

Even if that day the sun is with us, the winter begins to settle, a lively cold envelops us but does not prevent my pretty bride to remain bare arms throughout the photo shoot in old Lyon.

Very soon more pictures of this beautiful wedding.


Have love


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