4 March 2017 Castille ALMA

That day we passed through the drops, but not through the glitter and other bubbles! And yes a very girly day with a nice band of nenets come to celebrate worthily the bachelor party their girlfriend girl. And to immortalize this beautiful day they contacted me to make a great photo shoot! Between relaxation and high aerobatics this photo shoot brought them wonderful memories.

Photo shoot of bachelor party – Lyon

Photo shoot of bachelor party – Lyon

Photo shoot of bachelor party – Lyon

Preparations for this beautiful day: Who managed the organization? How long did it take you to organize everything? Had the future bride spoken of her desires?

This day was prepared, in great detail, by the two witnesses (Audrey and Émilie) of the future bride (Aurélie). Aurélie’s childhood friends, they imagined this day in her own image: without fuss, a little girly, filled with laughter, delusions and complicity. The idea of having a photo shoot was to spend a nice time together and also to have memories of that day.

D-Day: What animations / accessories did you plan? Your feeling about this day? And if it were to be remade you would change what?

The organization of the day was kept secret until the end by the witnesses, both for the bride and the guests. On D-Day, the appointment was given at 11 o’clock in the house of the bride and there, a bag was handed to us. It contained a bottle of water, a balloon, a bubble machine, confetti, a “photobooth” type accessory and paracetamol!   A notebook was made by one of the EVJF guests and was given to the future bride as a roadmap for the day, indicating an activity. The top start was launched on reading the first challenge: a mysterious enigma talking about pirates and ghosts. After a picnic on the banks of the Rhone, the index led us to a game of escape game called “black beard”: an hour locked in a hold of a boat with the objective of finding a treasure and the key to go out! Awesome! The second clue giving an impression of stolen moment, took us to the park of the Tête d’Or for a photo shoot. The accessories were drawn and laughter predominated: an intense moment of complicity where we tried to imitate a flight of geese, avoid a dive and made a pyramid. Finally, the third clue made us sing: bursts of laughter again! The evening continued on the barges of the banks of the Rhone for a time on a dance floor. A busy day and a creator of beautiful memories.

More precisely on the photo shoot was it a pleasant moment? Will you do it again with the next brides? And all you have other (nice) to say about this session?

The photo shoot was a very nice time. It is never obvious at first how to be in front of an objective but with the indications of the photographer, the natural returns quickly. I can not wait to see what this moment is doing on the pictures, especially the “goose flight”, walking on the bridges, the pyramid, the balancing act on a tree above the water and the jetties. The future bride … This also allowed us to get to know each other well before the wedding, and to share some great moments. Photo shoot of bachelor party – Lyon

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