love session lyon

Love session lyon

Love session Lyon


I met Marie & Cedric a few months ago, they were looking for their wedding photographer and as they live a few kilometers from Lyon, at the edge of the Sea (yes because Cedric is marine then inevitably it is more convenient!) we have not been on skype. And as nothing beats a real meeting, we took advantage of their coming to Lyon to realize this love session, 3 weeks before their marriage that him will also take place in Lyon, the hometown of my pretty future bride!

Like most people they do not have the habit of "ask" and it is so much better because me nor I do not like it. It is true that when asked were often a strange attitude, just as when we ask a child to smile, it is not natural and inevitably it always makes a weird head which leads us to believe that one is not photogenic and it I hear almost systematically. And if! you and everybody is photogenic once it is natural (finally almost everyone to be honest).

So, I gave them go on a bridge of the Saône (Yes, as you can notice it I am especially a fan of gateways, bridges and…) shoes) and we wandered for 2 hours in the old Lyon, cobblestones, its traboules and famous gateways!




You can also discover this love session in video: 


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