All in white

Lyon presqu'île

marriage in Lyon peninsula

marriage in Lyon peninsula

Lyon peninsula wedding

Mary and Cedric are my pretty married early June. One of the first wedding of the season under the Sun, yes! Even if they have the chance to see more often… And Yes, they live at the edge of the sea, it seems that it is more convenient when working for the Navy. But for their wedding they returned on the native land of Mary in Lyon. As his dad is Deacon at the Basilica of Lyon 2.

It was a wedding all in white. One of the great fear of the groom… Is that one of the white will not yellow or grey? Image response…

How did you meet?

We met almost 5 years to the day before our wedding a few kilometres from Pizay.

We knew each almost nobody at the party at the time it sympathized, spoken, dance (he also made me believe that he knew dancing salsa but not at all). Finally it was a sleepless night talking about everything is nothing.

How and where Castillo made his request?

He made his request in Sanary at the edge of the beach. At the time of the dessert he had commanded a gourmet coffee and among the small cakes of the gourmet coffee there’s a kinder surprise!

After you have eaten all the chocolate and shaken in every sense the surprise to try to guess what it was I opened it. I discovered a ring. He got to his knees and asked me if I was heading to my life with him!

Preparations for the wedding:


We began by the inevitable search for the place of receipt. After having travelled the land south Burgundy and beaujolais was a favorite for Pizay and especially for external (Bower and garden a la française).

The dress

I selected 5 dresses that I liked. Once the fittings arrived I have a favorite for two of them. Finally after a loooooooongue hesitation I decided finally and with hindsight I am not at all sorry!

Wedding at Lyon Presqu'ile - Castile ALMA - wedding photographer (8)

The deco

Then my side fan of deco and small details could express themselves freely. Make parts, table decoration, the choice of honor clothing fabrics, candy bar, the tree imprint…

His side (less passionate ditzy and small vases) Cédric wished to propose for the cocktail of the specialties of each of the regions where he had lived. He therefore entrusted among other to his MOM the research and preparation of Guyanese specialties!

Plus the day J approximated more « Organization and planning of every detail » mode is activated. The last week was particularly satisfied. But fortunately we also understood in time need to know a little delegate and aid last week was awesome!

Short many things to think, reflect, organize, a bit of stress but mainly a lot of fun!

The day J

Unlike the stressful week that came to live to complete all the preparations the day J was for me super calm, relax, I was setting me mode cool, zen and whatever happens I take this is a super day!

The preparations

The town hall went in relaxed super mode. Preparations, while I thought I’d have time, everything went to cool with a lot more time than I imagined. Cedric and these homies were not more stressed. Apparently they spent their morning on the terrace before going to prepare 30 min before mass!

The religious ceremony

Arrived at Church Castillo lost his zen attitude of the morning. He was the 100 steps while waiting for the start of the ceremony. The mass was for us the moment the most important of our wedding day. We wanted that everyone can enjoy this time including those for whom the mass is not too a passion! 🙂

It therefore put all our heart to choose texts and songs that really spoke to us! And this moment fully! The emotion was to go. I could not hide it at the time of the exchange of consents!

And after

The mass ended, we took the time to greet everyone a little on the forecourt! Then we took our time for photos of couple in Saône quayside (small quiet time away from the world and agitation)!

With hindsight it said that this is exactly the wedding we wanted, both simple and elegant. No socket head, taking our time and especially true, in our convictions and our emotions!

And on the side of the picture:

Why a pro photographer?

We long hesitated before taking a pro photographer. I really want to because I love the beautiful photos taken live and I wanted not only to classical and posed photos!

But I didn’t « impose » this extra expense to our parents who fund very much marriage. At the beginning of the year I said that this day would be unique that it had put all our heart. I will necessarily regret not having pictures at the height to watch and surely show our future children. If there is one day or memories and emotions remain serious it is that our wedding! Cedric was in agreement, was to convince our parents that finally were much more receptive to our arguments that it had imagined!

The choice of the photographer

I had a well precise idea of the style of photos I wanted and I immediately appreciated the work of Castile through photos of his website.

At summer very plain and simple, a very good first contact by Skype and then a true connection at the time of the love session! We had no particular expectations for the love session if it doesn’t meet « real » Castille. Finally we spent awhile very a pleasant to us simply wander Lyon and learn a bit about us before the day J!

A few days after we have been really overwhelmed by the result. 

And well it was not disappointed at all! Castile and his second shooter was perfect during the marriage, both very discreet but present at the right times! They were able to capture our emotions our faces, they lived our wedding with us but mostly without imposing, being always available and putting everyone at ease (even my dad who normally does not like the picture, it’s say!) 🙂

The result

Really beyond what we could imagine, when we re – viewing photos one has the impression to relive our wedding, one discovers even things, moments that had escaped us and that they have captured! Photos are of course sublime (and that everyone says) but above all they have that little something more, they tell our marriage, atmosphere, and our emotions! And we never get tired of watching and the re – watch! In short they are much more than a souvenir of our wedding! 🙂


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