In Saint Etienne wedding photographer

in Saint Etienne wedding photographer

Marriage in Saint Etienne

Jessica & Flavien are already filled of happiness with their two adorable little guys! It's a couple of accomplished athletes in handball it in rugby, in short they don't their remaining more enjoy her beautiful secular ceremony to seal their union…


How did you meet?

Flavien is a friend of my brothers since adolescence, we know so long but time to past and we we are discovered around 25 years and operated on the magic.

How do you fact his request?

I put upon our children. I made my request by an early morning on the belly of Isaiah "want you marry Mommy?" and on the hands of Sacha "If yes CHECK".
The awakening of Flav asked him to change Isaiah because it was dirty and I filmed. For evidence to support the case where he changes his mind… Laughing out loud

The wedding preparations:

We took the time 1 year and a half to prepare, so we were relatively zen for the establishment, we compare the providers, we meet… and this allowed us to approach this day with confidence until the day before.
The decoration was designed by my mother and myself.
Stress is mounted on Thursday when we came to implement because the task was huge.

The day J

We had great providers of the place of receipt (beautiful, ideal for an outdoor ceremony and a country wedding), a perfect photographer who was able to adapt to the guests, doing a great job and be present discretely, *: x love at first sight which allowed us to capture moments that we seen at the wedding in our enthusiasm.
Our witnesses and family gave us a ceremony unique, full of joy, love and joke, all this with good taste.
We have been wearing during the day and it was magical to be surrounded by such beautiful people.


Creator of outfit: Nathalie ESTEVE on Caudéran (33) a friend of my mother (exceptional)
Mr costume: A store specializing in Bordeaux ALBERTO DRAICELLI
Florist: Pleasure of flower in Saint Flour
DJ: ARE EVENT on Clermont Ferrand
Hairdresser: Carole of the LOFT of Saint-flour

And side photo:

A perfect photographer who was able to adapt to the guests, doing a great job and be present in all discretion, *: x Thunderbolt which allowed us to capture moments that you could not see the marriage took in our enthusiasm.

The result

With the discovery of the photos my heart racing to relive those moments too fast past. Thank you very much for this wonderful work that will allow us to keep an unforgettable souvenir of this beautiful day.

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