WINTER wedding


Marriage in Lyon

Lyon wedding photographer

 I am photographer Lyon wedding and I am available to make the photo report of your wedding in the Rhone and everywhere in France.

And this is the first marriage of the beautiful season 2016!

It was the wedding of Marina & Arnaud. Arnaud, I had already met him for his sister’s wedding, then when also decided it to marry he contacted me for his photo-reportage. It is always a pleasure to see my former bride and groom and their families, to have their news, to see how they evolve in their married life. Sometimes on the occasion of the birth of their child, for a family celebration, a birthday… Yes, it’s true that I doesn’t show you that of marriages, but I photograph all happy days in your life!

This happy day began the Charlemagne in Lyon for the preparations of the beautiful Marina come to Ukraine to marry Arnaud. She was accompanied by her mother also came to Ukraine and her aunt from Ireland. Although their marriage have occurred in winter, I did not have cold. I had the chance to discover the Ukrainian vodka in the morning… I let you discover their marriage.