A fairytale wedding


Wedding in Auvergne

wedding in Auvergne photographer

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It is a castle of crush, in Auvergne, in the heart of the France that this young couple of Armenian came to marry.

A wedding fit for a Princess with a majestic robe, a train to no end, the vertiginous heels shoes…

Armine, the bride, is of incredible beauty, you would think any right exit fee accounts and this day was just as magical.

Most of his family was introduced, a fifty people, dear people at its heart and is the most important on his wedding day.

Her sisters were present during preparations for the bride to perform rituals such as rotate the veil around the head of the bride, pour offerings on the sail, offering jewelry, the perfume, putting on his shoes…

As the place he had chosen for their wedding has a small chapel, all took place on the spot, a priest had even travelled specially Armenia to celebrate their marriage.

Once ready, his father came to see the bride. The emotion of his father when he discovered it was extraordinary, as the customs in their country, the solemnity of the ceremony…

At the exit of the ceremony, the Armenians do not throw confetti or petals on the couple but chocolates and sweets, all contributed to make this stunning wedding in Auvergne.