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Me it is Castille, I’m wedding photographer and all the happy moments of your life.

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Whether it’s for your wedding, your pregnancy, the birth of your little love or your MOM’s birthday I realize only Lifestyle stories in light natural. I photograph you as you are, naturally, photos taken live to capture real and spontaneous moments. This type of wedding photography and all the happy moments of your life shows the inexpressible, to transcribe the spontaneous emotion and atmosphere of the moment, freeze time to make eternal… It makes visible the feelings and it’s something extraordinary in my eyes! My universe is full of poetry and romanticism but also moments fun and rock’n roll that breathe the joy of living. I favour a Bohemian and a little cozy atmosphere rather than color photos very contrasty.

I love my job and I fully invested for each couple that I encounter, every wedding I photograph. I like to go and meet people, capture laughter, moments of unique emotions. I attach great importance to know you and that there is a real complicity between us, it allows me to provide you with pictures that you look and reflect your personality.

So that later, at the corner of the fire, in a cabin lost in the mountains you can relive all the emotion of this moment shared through memories I will give you and that you will share with your family, your children, your grandchildren, so that they live this happy moment, as if they were!


I live in Lyon but I’m moving everywhere in France (Lyon, Paris, Courchevel, Aix en Provence, Chambéry, Thonon-les-bains, Clermont-Ferrand, Annecy, Nîmes, Grenoble…) and some destinations abroad to photograph your wedding, your pregnancy, the birth of your beautiful baby or your MOM’s birthday.

Side perso…

And Yes, we like to know who will be behind the lens and this is quite normal, especially as I think that the feeling will pass between us is just as important as the fact that you like my photos.

So here, I’m a MILF who loves life and the simplicity of the small moments of magic of everyday life!

I love the friendliness of the meals which are above all the moments of sharing with my darling of love and our two adorable little monsters, especially those where I don’t Cook! So if you want good tapas we jump in a plane towards the Cafe Victor, but more often on our scooters direction la Paloma del Sol, otherwise the winter evenings is raclette with a small Maucaillou N ° 2, good not all night nor we also eat salads like everyone to give good conscience…

I like also me curl up in the neck of my beauty (understanding BB2) when he gets up in the morning, the smell of brioche (Yes it smells really brioche) and that it tightens on me in his small arms telling me « taime ».

I also love when it is with my Darling (understanding BB1) but now that it is almost as big as me oddly him he likes less… then our little moments to us is rather to sing in the morning when I took him to school, go see photo exhibitions, attend concerts, the openness to the world, its diversity and its riches… .

I also love the art in all its forms and especially painting is a source of inspiration and I transcribed today in my reports. I discovered much Chagall before becoming a wedding photographer and I think that’s partly his work, especially his collections on the lovers (my favorite, green lovers) and his way of thinking which have led. He only painted couples, because he loves love, the emotions it provides joy, happiness, sensuality that emerge.

In bulk, my favorite movie: Alabama Monroe, I believe that I have never even cried so this story is poignant and also for the beauty of the images.

My musical style: definitely the rock, especially years 70-80′

Sweetness: a raspberry covered with green marzipan

City: Tokyo, always lively, thought-provoking, the diversity of the population, the colors that illuminate it…

So if you like my personality discover my work, and if you like my work please contact me!