16 août 2017 Castille ALMA

Photographe de mariage au château des Vergers

Photographe de mariage au château des Vergers

Photographe de mariage au château des Vergers photographe de mariage Lantignié Château des Vergers Irlande

Après 14 ans de vie commune et 3 enfants ils ont eu envie de se marier ! Par amour pour Antoinette Alex est parti vivre en Irlande mais ils reviennent sur la terre de ses origines pour se dire oui ! Un mariage intense en émotion…

How did you meet each-other ? 
We met on April 22nd 2004 at our dear friends wedding in Ireland – Fabien & Sinéad (another French / Irish wedding). It was love at first sight………it certainly does exist! 
 Photographe de mariage au château des Vergers
How / where did you make your request? We never got engaged…………but we noticed over the last few years that our children wanted us to get married. It became more and more important to them. 
 Photographe de mariage au château des Vergers
 Photographe de mariage au château des Vergers
Preparations for the wedding: your feelings, obstacles, stress, how did you find the place of reception? Etc … Anything that may seem relevant to you!
As we are a very busy couple with full time jobs and 3 kids we didn’t have time to stress or think too much about the wedding. It was better that way I think.
We split the jobs that had to be done so Alex organised all food and drink & helping guests find accommodation near the chateau and I organised everything else – the church ceremony, the photographer, flowers, organising the children etc. The main obstacle was trying to organise a wedding in France from Ireland. We had to put our faith in the professional people we found to manage the various items. And everyone did a fantastic job.
We didn’t discuss our plans too much with each other. We trusted each other to get the jobs done. We had a lot of help from my mother in law, Ann who found the location for us. And from my sister-in-law Natasha who handmade the decorations and organised the table decorations. Natasha was amazing to do this as she had a baby one week before the wedding. Alex’s Dad Dominique helping transport equipment to the Chateau & helped set the room up. My family were a huge support to us too, and took care of our kids. It gave us time to get things done.
Alex & I were pretty relaxed about other preparations. Neither of us enjoy shopping so we had to make quick decisions as we were never going to spend hours and hours wedding shopping. I found my dress in May 2017 –  it was the 1st dress I tried on and I knew it was the one. Alex bought his suit 2 weeks before the wedding. I picked out my wedding ring during my lunch break from work…… ten days before the wedding – I was lucky it fitted perfectly so I bought it immediately. Alex collected his ring a few days before the wedding. I bought the pearls for my hair the week before the wedding.
Our feelings: We were quietly excited on the approach to our wedding day. We were more excited for our children……. as we knew how important it was for them to see their parents get married. The day was all about them. We tried to include them as much as possible and they all had important jobs to do.
D-Day: your feelings, sensations etc …It was very special privilege to be able to say « I do » in front of our children during the church ceremony. This was a very emotional moment. We both felt so happy to have all our dear friends and family around us to celebrate our wedding. We were surrounded by complete happiness and love. 


Providers: name of the creator of your outfits, name of the florist, the caterer …Wedding dress bought in Folkster, Kilkenny, Ireland. Alex suit was brought in Savoy Tailors Guild, Kildare Village, Ireland. Florist  – Caroline Pfister at Des Fleurs, Francheville le Bas. The caterer was Eduoard Frilet, Rotisseur, 01240 Dompierre-sur-Veyle. 


A little word about me and the photos 
Castille, we feel so lucky to have found you. On the day, we were both so comfortable with you, we loved your style of photography. You let the whole day be as natural as possible. You were like an angel in disguise, flying quietly about without being noticed & taking amazing photos. Maybe you are an angel! It allowed us to enjoy our day as much as possible and we never felt under pressure to pose for a photo. 
You have a very sincere manner, you are considerate, thoughtful and it was a pleasure to work with you. When we saw the first photos, we were a little nervous, as it’s strange looking at yourself all dressed up………..but then we were surprised at how good we looked, and then we got emotional as you captured the most beautiful photos. It made us realise it was the best day of our lives You are a true professional and we are so happy to have met you.

Photographe de mariage au château des Vergers

Have love


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