wedding and family photographer

I deeply believe in love, the true. The one who sparkles in the eyes, who reads in smiles …

I like to let myself be carried away by life, to see what it has the most beautiful to offer.
This is why I am a documentary photographer. I do not flourish by simply creating beautiful photos, those where you pose, smile a little forced.
What I sincerely like is documenting your wedding, a day or a particular moment in your life. To give you photos that look like you, that tell who you really are and all the extraordinary moments you have experienced.
Your special moment, whatever it is, deserves to be documented authentically and with passion.

I live in Lyon and I love this city! But I love discovering fantastic people even more so I travel wherever your desires will take us, from the summit of Mont Blanc to the beaches of the Antilles, fields of olive trees in Spain at the edge of Lake Geneva …

Wedding and family photographer in Lyon


Images that will make you fall in love with each other over and over again …

You are getting married soon and you are looking for a wedding photographer who meets your needs and your desires!?! Just like I want brides and grooms who answer mine!

Couples who indulge in their natural way and fully trust me. Bride and groom who let the magic happen.


If you want bright and clear images, I would not be your best choice. You want to stand in the same place and get boring photos, I would not be the most suitable photographer. The cheapest price is your main motivation, I would not be your best option.

But if it’s you, it’s cool! It just means that I would not be the best choice of photographer for your wedding or family photos.

Wedding and family photographer in Lyon.


I want to make intimate and authentic images of you. And this can only happen if you open up and are yourself. You know, those moments of giggles, your tears of joy, this complicity in your looks … It’s there! The moment you let go I am able to give you the images you expect. The ones that will make you fall in love with each other over and over again.

I see our relationship as a collaboration and not as a client / photographer relationship. I will invest all my heart and my energy in you. And for that I want you to give me your full confidence. You don’t choose me to take photos, but to create (literally) your memories of one of the most important days of your life.

Your photos are the only thing left after your marriage, your pregnancy, the birth of your baby … It’s a time machine. Think of it this way! I want you to look at your photos and be instantly transported that day. The day of your wedding, the places, the smell, your guests … All the magic in which you have invested so much time, energy and love!

Your wedding day goes by so quickly. So many things are happening. Photos are the only way to fully enjoy this moment, in 10 years, 20 years, even 50 years. And also, take advantage of everything you haven’t even seen that day!

I’m here to spend your wedding by your side. It’s not just something I can do … It’s what excites me! And beyond that, that’s what works for me humanly.

Wedding and family photographer in Lyon.


If this sounds like you and it’s what you want for your wedding or your family, press this contact button and let’s do it!
The adventure is waiting for you.