Lyon family photographer

Every step of your life is a good reason to take a photoshoot and I’m tempted to say there are thousands of good reasons without waiting for something special!


Love session from de 90€

Photos of your couple, before getting married, a love session will tell the seasoned people.

But also later because there is no age to build the family heritage of his memories. Because in a few years, your children will want to see how you were and not just physically but in your gestures, in your looks for each other, to see the love that united you.

For you too, you will remember this walk in old Lyon or thousands of kilometers from your home in the West Indies.

Because tomorrow your children and grandchildren will want to see that you too were young and still love each other even after 30 years of living together …


Bachelorette party from 90€

But also a photoshoot with friends, as we say so well it’s luck that makes the family but it’s the heart that makes friends!

And to immortalize your bachelor party or bachelorette party. It is as unique a moment in your life as your marriage. No matter what activities you are going to do, the main thing is to please the bride-to-be and have great memories. And what could be better than a photo shoot to document this special day!

You will have great photos to illustrate your speech on your friend’s wedding day and memories to share.


Day after from 500€

Because on your wedding day you don’t want to leave your guests alone for too long.

Because a place is particularly important to you, but it is too far from the place of your wedding.

Because the sun was not there that day or simply because you want to put your dress back …

Or because you didn’t take a photographer on your wedding day and ultimately want some great photos of yourself.

Then the Day after photo shoot is for you. Two or three hours of photoshoot in wedding attire, in the location of your choice.


Pregnancy session from 90€

A photoshoot of your pregnancy, I prefer to say maternity to keep wonderful memories of those moments that pass as quickly as a flash.

Motherhood is a special time in a woman’s life. A moment of fulfillment to tell yourself that you are carrying life. I have fond memories of each of my pregnancies, even if I did not like all aspects of it, I really loved this parenthesis in my life as a woman before being a mother, in my life as a couple, more quite two not yet really three!

What is certain is that if I had not taken pictures of this brief moment in my life, I will now have a lot of regret.


New born session from 90€

If this is your first child you will see it early enough, your baby will only keep that little newborn face for a few weeks. He is calm, in great phases of sleep. So now is the perfect time to do that newborn photoshoot.

This period passes as quickly as a flash! Soon he will have his first teeth and his blissful smile will never be the same.

But more than his smile, your gestures, the tenderness with which you take him in your arms, your way of caressing his cheek when he sucks, his hand when he sleeps. These are precious memories that should not be missed.


Family session from 90€

We want to know our future, it’s anchored in our DNA. But we are also passionate about the idea of ​​reliving the strong moments that we shared with our children, our families … Our children grow up every day and they have almost impossible for us to remember twenty years later how they were when they were 3 years old. , when they lost their first teeth …

In these cases what do we do? We bring out the albums and we go back to our memories. The memories of a weekend in the mountains, of our mother’s birthday, of the baptism of our youngest, of a family outing in old Lyon … And everything comes back to us as if it were yesterday.

A family photo shoot, for 3, 4… 6 and more! otherwise someone is always missing from the photos. Because going for a walk with your children in old Lyon is a memory that should not be forgotten.

Or for your father’s 60th birthday, because it’s never too late to make memories.


Portrait session from 90€

A portrait photo shoot. A moment just for you.

Sometimes these sessions are intended for professionals who want to have a nice profile picture for their Linkedin account and other social networks … and for their website. They want more than a great photo, a photo that shows who they really are, more than just what they look like.

Or for your child, your grandmother …

Having a beautiful portrait of yourself doesn’t mean you need it, you just want it.


Gift card from 90€

You want to please a mother-to-be, for a birthday, a baptism, slipping memories under the tree or just because you like to please!

The amount can be adjusted to your budget by including additional digital files. And I will send you a photo shoot gift card to offer to the lucky one who will only have to contact me to set the date.


Documentary from 700€

For your child’s baptism, your friend’s bachelorette party, or your grandmother’s birthday.

I will document this very special moment and you will have natural photos that will remind you of this wonderful day.


I offer several packages for your photoshoots in Lyon and photo documentaries. These photo and documentary sessions last from 20 minutes to 24 hours depending on your desires and your expectations.


The photoshoots that I will offer you will either be posed or lifestyle style, preferably outdoors or at your home.

Outdoors, I will choose a location based on your urban, graphic, natural desires … But let your desires take us anywhere! I’ll give you some pose instructions, in the form of a game for the younger ones, so that you don’t pay attention to the objective anymore, and I let the magic work.

How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply by leaving a lot of room for your naturalness, your spontaneity to obtain images that resemble you, full of complicity, true smiles and tenderness, bursts of laughter and even love.



A photo documentary will be more suitable for covering a baptism, an afternoon or a weekend with family or friends (bachelorette party) during which you have planned an activity, a birthday or even a walk to keep wonderful memories.

Unlike the photo shoot, during a photo documentary I do not intervene in your activities, I leave you free to be totally you, I do not make you pose, I do not influence you in the place or the attitude to take. So I capture the moments you live, I am only the observer of your real life for 100% natural photos and fantastic memories!

The photo documentary is therefore ideal for your newborn. More than beautiful photos of him you will also have memories of his bath, his breastfeeding, cuddly moments that you share with him….


Buy your photo shoot online! For you or as a gift.