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Frequently asked questions about wedding photography

Frequently asked questions about wedding photography

Of course, love is the answer. But while you are waiting for the answer, sex asks very relevant questions.
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Do you have questions?

Here you will find frequently asked questions about wedding photos.
And if you can’t find your answer, I’m available to talk about your marriage. I will answer all the questions you ask about me, my approach and the report of your marriage.

You move ?

Wherever you marry, I will go!
I live in Lyon in the Rhône, but I love to travel and I love discovering new places. I speak fluent English, even if I love my little French accent and if you don’t speak Spanish too quickly we can also understand each other;)
I travel wherever there is a great love story to tell. Some classify me in the category of “Destination wedding” photographers because more than half of my weddings take place every year outside my city, Lyon.
I have already been to the four corners of France, in several cities in Switzerland like Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich … But also in London, Eastbourne. Other cities in Spain and Italy, and even in the Antilles at Saint Martin and Saint Barth.


Frequently asked questions about wedding photography

What I offer

The best I can do, report your wedding and cheer up all day!
As soon as your date is reserved I will send you a guide to help you organize your wedding and I will remain available as much as you want to answer all your questions and even give you the contact details of great providers with whom I used to work and they rocks !
If you feel like it, we may meet for a love session or your bachelor party.
About a month and a half before your wedding, we will update you on your schedule, over coffee, by email or Facetime.
Then I will give you all the images edited in high definition digital format, without signature or watermark, on a private gallery. You can dispose of it as you wish.
I sincerely believe that you should have a printed copy of your photos. These are truly extraordinary memories to have and to pass on from generation to generation! You can order a personalized album which I will prepare in your gallery and modify it as you wish, which is pretty cool.


I would give you all of your images on a private gallery called Pic – Time and I love it. It allows you to select the photos you want to print, create a list and send it to your families, friends … It’s so simple.
You will be able to print albums (which I will have specially designed for you or choose to make it yourself), canvas prints and many other options with just one click!


If you choose me as a photographer I could recommend videographers that I know well and with whom I used to work. But you are completely free to choose yourself the person who will best meet your expectations. If it is also a professional, everything is always going well, we will be there to document your wedding in the most beautiful way.

What budget should we expect ?

I would like to start a real conversation with you to define your desires and in addition to sending you my brochure with all the information including prices, I will make the proposal most suited to your needs.

You will discover that I offer a basic package with additional hours for you to offer an offer that really meets your needs. So no constraint, you really choose what you want and you can adapt your report to your budget.

To give you an idea, the first packages start at 1400 € in classic period and I offer special prices for weddings during the week or at certain times of the year, contact me and tell me more about your marriage !

How many images will we have?

I don’t like to assign a final number to anything. It depends on you, your guests, your wedding. The more events happening, the more you will have pictures for sure.
I will give you all the pictures of your wedding that tell your love story in the best possible way, so that 30 years after your wedding day, you can still look at your pictures and be instantly transported to what you felt. and all of the incredible moments you’ve had.
For those of you who like a number however, I am handing out around 500 images for a full wedding. All edited in color and if it lends itself in black and white.

Frequently asked questions about wedding photography

When will we have the images?

You will have your images as quickly as possible without sacrificing the final quality, that’s the goal, right?
Let’s say you find out the first 1 months after your wedding. For the complete collection it takes a maximum of 10 weeks, but for years of pleasure!

We see a lot of black and white on your website?

Ah ah, yes it’s true!
It’s a personal choice because I like black and white. But rest assured, all the images that I will give you in black and white, you will also have them in color on your private gallery.

I'm not comfortable with the camera?

Don’t worry, I totally know how you feel! But don’t worry, my style is very relaxed and natural. I like to capture real emotion by just letting you be you. And I will guide you in the poses and the ways to stay focused on each other, and not on the camera.
This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend a commitment or love session. It’s the perfect way for us to get to know each other and get a little practice. You will be 100% relaxed and comfortable on your wedding day!

How to book?

I’m really happy to hear that!
Let’s organize a Facetime meeting or a coffee if you are in Lyon or passing through here.
This meeting is essential for me and for you too, to be sure that I correspond well to your expectations. Choosing your photographer for such a big event should not be due to a price, you have to feel a certain feeling between us.
After this appointment if you entrust me with the report of your wedding, I will send you a contract that you will return to me with your deposit to book the date of your wedding.

Then, we try to stay in communication (for any minor changes like schedules, additional details or special moments that you want to document in addition) until the wedding date!Frequently asked questions about wedding photography

And if you do not feel the need, I will come back to you about a month before your wedding to know all the details of the organization of your wedding.
It is also at this time that you can add additional hours to best meet all your needs, because it is not always easy to know at the time of booking, which is generally made between 6 and 18 months before , how many hours of reporting you will want.

When should we book ?

The earliest would be best !
Generally the bride and groom contact me between 6 and 18 months before their marriage. Sometimes earlier if it is a popular date or the week before I sometimes still have availability.
Anyway if you like my pictures and we have a good feeling don’t hesitate to book.


To reserve your date you pay a first deposit when you send me your contract.

You can choose directly on your contract the number of payments you wish to make (from 2 to 6). What is important is that I know the dates and the amounts. And that the balance be paid no later than the week before your wedding. After all rolls. Whether you pay by check or wire transfer, what works best for me works for me.

The appointment of preparation!

This common question on wedding photos is rarely asked, but it is important to talk about it. Today you may not know your schedule and your needs for the number of hours of reporting, or even all the addresses.
It’s normal ! Generally you have a good vision of the course of your day only 2 to 3 months before your wedding. The time to have chosen the times of the ceremony and all your providers.
It is for this reason that I will send you an email about a month and a half before your wedding to know the details of your planning and you can then adapt your package to your needs. We can also meet to discuss it or if it is more practical to speak about it through Facetime.

Frequently asked questions about wedding photography


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