Wedding photographer Lyon & Rhône


I capture the images on the fly, authentically and in a style based on emotion and naturalness.

Wedding photographer Lyon & Rhône

Capture the emotions of the happiest day of your life!

Authentic wedding report based on naturalness and emotion.

As a wedding photographer my approach is documentary, like a photo reporter to capture authentic images of your wedding. I keep myself discreet so that I can capture the important moments and the emotions of your day through my wedding photos.

Convey emotion through wedding photos

I will create more images for you …

I will create your memories.

Specifically, memories that will make you fall in love again and again … emotional wedding photos. Your emotions when you discovered yourself on your wedding day. The emotion of your relatives and friends. Pictures of bursts of laughter, of tears of joy, when you might not even see.

A documentary and artistic photographic style

Today, I offer a documentary approach and artistic angles. Discreet and on the lookout, my goal at your wedding is to capture the photos on the go. These true and artistic images will be part of your family’s heritage and will bear witness to your happiness and emotions for many years to come. Therefore, I am looking for moments and emotions that will make this day so special and unique for you.

My style is modern, elegant, artistic and timeless.

Lyon & Rhône wedding photographer

Wedding photographer, installed in Lyon since 2012, my goal is to find the unique moments and emotions of the wedding day. My main activity is wedding photography and couple photos. And I like to see you again afterwards to continue writing your story, during pregnancy, the birth of your child, her baptism or your grandmother’s birthday …

I learned to immortalize these moments of joy with style and spontaneity and to capture beautiful images. Telling stories through my photos and accurately capturing key moments make me a professional wedding photographer.

Want fantastic memories of your wedding with a unique style photo essay?

I offer my wedding photographer services in Lyon and throughout France, Switzerland and the West Indies. Free quote.

How is your wedding photo report going?

As a wedding photographer in Lyon, I know how to adapt to the specific circumstances and desires of all my newlyweds. Each wedding is unique and as a professional photographer I offer flexible packages that meet the requirements of each bride and groom. However, all weddings have something in common, and it is possible to describe the classic course of the service of a wedding photographer.

Before marriage

Generally the bride and groom contact me between 6 and 18 months before their wedding. Sometimes earlier if it’s a very popular date or the week before I sometimes still have availability.

We plan a meeting by phone, video or over a coffee if you live in Lyon. I always enjoy meeting my newlyweds beforehand because the feeling is very important. Usually we have a coffee in Lyon, we talk about you, your meeting, how you imagine your wedding, the place you have chosen, the style of your wedding, your family, your guests …

As a majority of my newlyweds live abroad we organize a video call and / or we organize a love session to have the opportunity to meet each other before their wedding.

In this job, I have seen hundreds of weddings and I will share all this experience with you to help you organize your wedding. I have designed a guide, which I will give you and I will remain available as much as you want to answer all your questions.

As a majority of my newlyweds live abroad we organize a video call and / or we organize a love session to have the opportunity to meet each other before their wedding.

In this job, I have seen hundreds of weddings and I will share all this experience with you to help you organize your wedding. I have designed a guide, which I will give you and I will remain available as much as you want to answer all your questions.

Preparations for your wedding day

On your wedding day I look forward to seeing you again. I arrive at the place, I come to see you and we make a final point on the organization of the day because sometimes you have made some last minute changes. Even if I know the place, I take a quick tour to meet the people present and offer you the ideal place in relation to the light and the setting.

Preparing for your wedding day is an important time, there is so much going on.

A share of excitement envelops you for this day, which you have often taken a year to prepare. It’s also a lot of stress, a little worrying about the process, laughter. And then finally you put on your costume, your dress, surrounded by your friends, glass of champagne in your hand.

Your mother fixes the buttonhole on your collar, closes the last buttons of your dress, her gaze is gentle on you. Even though you have been flying from the nest a long time ago, it is a moment of intense emotion for her, your mother, for your father too.

Today you are getting married, they always knew that, but today you are writing the first page of your new family and it must be beautiful to see, it’s touching. The memories of your childhood come back to them. These same memories that I am creating at this moment through my photos and that you will discover later. What your wife, what your husband did before telling you Yes, yes to write your story, your family …

I also take this moment to make a portrait of you before leaving for the ceremony.

First look or wait

Then comes the moment of waiting, waiting to find yourself, to say yes in front of your friends, your families, all the people you love. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult for you to tell your future wife, your future husband, how much you love her, you are happy to live this moment together, how much you find her crazy charm, how magnificent you find her … And yes, it’s not always easy to say all this even to the person you love, whom you will marry in a few moments in front of all your guests. So often I organize a discovery session, a first look for those who want to discover themselves in private, just you two and your feelings, your tender words and me a little further to capture this moment of intense emotion.

It is also a time that some bride and groom spend visiting loved ones who will not be able to attend the ceremony.


There you have it, the time has come, you will be getting married soon. You go to the location of your wedding ceremony, whether it is a civil, religious or secular ceremony. Often the groom arrives a little earlier to welcome the guests and wait for his future wife. Sometimes the bride arrives accompanied by her father. Or you arrive as a couple, because you have already lived together for years, have already started a family and ultimately you even share this moment.

The long-awaited moment finally arrives, you say to yourself yes, yes to share, create, love, laugh, live a new life, build your family. So inevitably this Yes creates emotion in your better half, your parents, your brothers, your friends, your children … Tears of joy flow, smiles no longer hide, hands slap, congratulate you, you exchange your vows , your alliances, sometimes you even cry out for joy! You are married ! Congratulations!


The ceremony is coming to an end, you go out, greeted by streams of flowers, petals, lavender, bubbles… Your loved ones congratulate you, throw themselves into your arms, laugh, cry with joy. You are married ! Now it’s time to party …

Best wedding photographer in Lyon

The cocktail

Champagne is flowing freely, your friends are looking at your wedding rings, hugging you, the kids are playing, you are throwing your bouquet, you can even organize your parents’ speech at this time, especially in summer to let your guests enjoy even more from the outside…

It’s a festive moment, the pressure is falling, you laugh …

Couple photos

Your guests are heading to the reception hall.

While they sit down at their table, we slip away for a moment to take advantage of this soft light and take your couple photos out of sight. A moment when you are finally alone, where you can kiss each other, you watch, with that new look of a newlywed (e) … relaxation, laughter, tenderness, you are you, you do not think of me and I take advantage to make wonderful memories of you through my photos.

Evening, fun and rock’n’roll

But it’s not over yet!

The best is yet to come …

You enter under the thunderous applause of your guests, they welcome you in the reception room, under the marquee, by the fireplace in a chalet.

Your loved ones are revealed, your parents remember your childhood aloud, your friends retrace the epic of your twenties … Between each dish you continue to enjoy your guests, you go around the tables and I follow you, the emotion is still very present, laughter, tear …

The show comes along and it’s already time for the first dances, the party is in full swing … your guests indulge in a spectacle of joy, I capture each of their moments. Maybe we’ll go out to admire a fireworks display or send some Chinese lanterns. A few more dances and I come to congratulate you one last time and then I slip away,

You are married, you are happy …

I will come back for brunch the next day if you wish or for a day after session.

After your marriage

Soon I will send you all of your memories so that you can relive this day over and over again, with all the mood and atmosphere you created …

This report of your marriage is part of your family heritage, the first chapter of your history, that of the family you have just created.

I will give you all your images on a private gallery. It allows you to select the photos you want to print, share them all or create a list and send it to your families, friends … It’s so simple.

You will be able to print albums (which I will have specially designed for you or choose to make it yourself), canvas prints and many other options with just one click!

You are getting married soon! Contact me !

I offer my wedding photographer services in Lyon and everywhere in France, Switzerland and the West Indies. Free quote.

Couple photoshoot in Lyon

I also offer couple photoshoots in Lyon.

I know by heart the most emblematic places of the capital of Gaul, old Lyon and its traboules, the walls colored with red crosses, the hidden parks and the exotic corners of the Parc de la Tete d’Or.

Wedding photographer Lyon, Rhône and elsewhere

I travel wherever there is a great love story to tell. Some people classify me in the category of “Destination wedding” photographers because more than half of my weddings take place each year outside my city, Lyon.

I have already been to the four corners of France, to several cities in Switzerland such as Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Zermatt… But also to London, Eastbourne. Other cities in Spain and Italy, and even in the West Indies in Saint Martin and Saint Barth.

For weddings, of course, I travel throughout the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region and am motorized and independent for my trips. Whether your wedding is in Lyon, Rhône, Burgundy, Beaujolais and Ain, I am not adding any additional travel costs to my quote. Beyond that it will never look very far (less than 100 €).

I photograph weddings in winter or in summer, of any religion or no religion, intimate weddings, or at 300, cosmopolitan and local.

Photographe mariage Lyon & Rhône

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