wedding and family photographer in Lyon


Castille, unconditional city dweller! In my daily life I only breathe well when within reach of my legs I have a good cafe, a contemporary museum, an organic market and a metro stop.

But if you want to know a little more about me let’s start from the beginning!

As a child, I can see myself leafing through the photo albums of my parents, my grandparents, with this recurring question: “Who’s that?” Then came: “Where was it?” “What were you doing?” … And very often the answer was vague, crowded out, for lack of time, of memory perhaps. This situation was super frustrating for the child I was, I wanted to know the story of this photo, of this moment.


Later, but long before it became my job, that I didn’t even know it was a job, I documented, with my Minolta, my vacations and family reunions, the weddings of my cousins ​​…

Already as a teenager I understood that it was more important for me to remember all these shared moments, to tell the story of these moments, more than to have a nice group photo posed. This photo that says nothing. Which years after brings us only the memory of the people present that day. To see how much we have changed and by the way that fashion has damn evolved!

I wanted to print memories that I had in my memory. Like my grandmother’s smile when she saw us coming from behind the kitchen window. We were covered in mud and hungry, after a beautiful afternoon playing in the puddles.

At those times, my grandmother’s smile was very different from the portraits of her that I found in her photo album. It was during this period that I started painting, to add to the portraits I painted the expressions of my memories.


Finally, I studied communication. For a few years I managed the communication department of a large community until this meeting that would change everything. That of a photographer I had hired to create the visuals for a campaign. I found in his images, his approach, everything that I had been looking for for years.

Very quickly, I accompanied her on her wedding reports. It was almost a renaissance for me. I finally found my way. I discovered a job that had obsessed me all my youth, without ever having imagined that it really existed.

For two years he taught me photography. The technique, no question of using the fully automatic mode of my new reflex. Understand the light. Manage the composition and wait for the moment.


Today, I have two children, 5 and 11 years old, with “this beautiful encounter” (and yes, it’s not just work that counts). I love to travel, to escape alone for a few days to discover new countries, but especially populations, their lifestyle, their customs … I hate people in such a hurry that they forget the essentials: Living.

It is for this reason that I do not limit myself to Lyon to photograph you. To carry out your photo sessions and your wedding reports. You make me travel, I discover new landscapes, different lights and above all great people!


Even if I’m 200% urban for my daily life, I need the mountains all year round. Already because we eat there super well and that for me there is no season to eat raclette. Good as I am a vegetarian it is a little less caloric so I allow myself twice as often!

Especially since when you are in the mountains she calls you. Impossible to stay cloistered inside. We go out, we walk, we climb, we breathe, we escape, then everything becomes calm, around us but also in the head, the lack of oxygen can be 🙂 …

Each time the landscape is totally different and so beautiful. From one summit to another everything changes, you want to go even further, higher … It is an intoxicating sensation. And in the summer we breathe there so much better.

This is what our family weekends look like:


Children are much more free, to run, to sing, to see alive! If you don’t know, I can only recommend the Au Bonheur des Mômes du Grand Bornand festival. In addition he advocates: “Letting go of the screens” and just that, I like it!

Good at home, we don’t have TV. The children watch the films we choose and we watch them as a family. The rest of the time, we play a lot together, we go to see exhibitions, we open them to others, to the world, to all its wealth, we communicate and for me that’s real life … (of parents)!

On the occasion of a trip to Zurich, at the beginning of the year, to go among other things to see Cat’s and discover the stained glass windows of Chagall, I could not help making a detour through Lucerne and Mont Titlis. At 3041m above sea level, -40 ° C at the top and pass the Cliff walk (the highest suspension bridge in Europe), guaranteed sensation!


Aude & Baptiste

It’s not easy to be in front of a camera. A question of personality no doubt. We didn’t imagine ourselves very comfortable to pose and finally .. we were tamed. With Castile it was easy, and even fun, we would ask for more. In the end, the photos are magnificent. It perfectly transmits our emotions of the day, the atmosphere of the day and the festivity of the night. All with a real personal dough which adds an indefinable charm to them.

wedding and family photographer in Lyon

Pauline et Edouard

Sparkling, gentle, discreet, professional … Castile was unanimous among our guests! The photos are extraordinary, they reflect the emotions we felt, they will allow us to relive with delight this unique day … the lights, the expressions, the emotions, the magic, the little details … everything is there ! These are very precious memories … THANK YOU for everything


Very nice experiences with Castille for a family photo shoot.
He is a very professional person who will put you at ease very quickly. We had a great time and recommend it without hesitation.


Our meeting with Castille was made in 2015, on the occasion of our marriage. Delighted with this day full of emotions, which Castile was able to transcribe through a superb report, we were delighted with his work!
After having had the opportunity to meet again for my brother’s wedding (official photographer in my family! Nous) we were very happy to announce this wonderful news to him this year … the arrival of baby for 2018!
It is with emotion that we met again and immortalized my pregnancy, always under the watchful eye of Castile! As always, the result is up to our expectations … ❤

Camille & Arnaud

Castille did the photo report of our wedding … and what happiness! The photos are superb, full of emotions, smiles, naturalness! Everything we were looking for! And she knows how to put everyone at ease: the bride and groom, the parents, the grandparents … Discreet and bubbly, always with a touch of humor to relax us! We highly recommend it !!!

Vinciane & Romain

Castille is a top photographer who has met all of our expectations from the first date to our wedding. Very talented, friendly, she knew how to put everyone at ease in front of her lens. The photos and the treatment carried out on them are magnificent, the emotions captured with accuracy. We are conquered, our guests too. Thank you Castille!


International awards in wedding photography

I am a member of several international wedding photography associations. It is a way to keep up with current trends in wedding photography. I also like the idea of being part of a community, of a big family that we can count on and that in our daily life pulls us up. Here are the last nine awards I have received from these associations.


and elsewhere…

You will understand, whether for your wedding, your pregnancy, the birth of your little love or your mom’s birthday, I only carry out Lifestyle reports in natural surroundings and light. I photograph you as you are, naturally, photos taken on the spot to capture true and spontaneous moments.
This type of wedding photography and of all the happy moments of your life shows the inexpressible, makes it possible to transcribe the spontaneous emotion and the atmosphere of the moment, to freeze time to make it eternal … it makes feelings visible and it’s something extraordinary in my eyes! My world is full of poetry and romance but also fun and rock’n roll moments that exude the joy of life.

I love my job and am fully committed to each couple I meet, each wedding I photograph. I like to meet people, capture laughter, moments of unique emotions. I attach great importance to knowing you. I want there to be a real bond between us, it allows me to give you photos that look like you and reflect your personality.

So that later, by the fireside, in a chalet lost in the mountains you can relive all the emotion of this shared moment through memories that I will give you and that you will share with your loved ones, your children, your grandchildren , so that they live this happy moment, as if they were there!

I live in Lyon but I travel everywhere in France (from Lyon to Paris via Courchevel, Aix en Provence, Chambéry, Thonon-les-bains, Clermont-Ferrand, Annecy, Nîmes, Grenoble…). I accompany you everywhere abroad to photograph your wedding.

Photographe de mariage et famille à Lyon