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Do you have questions?

Here you will find frequently asked questions for photo and documentary sessions.
And if you cannot find your answer, I am available to speak about your session. I will answer all the questions you ask about me, my approach and the session most suited to your needs.

You move ?

Wherever you want to take us, I will go!
I live in Lyon in the Rhône, but I love to travel and I love discovering new places. I speak fluent English, even if I love my little French accent and if you don’t speak too quickly in Spanish we can also understand each other;)
I travel wherever there is a great story to tell.
I have already been to the four corners of France, in several cities in Switzerland such as Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich … But also in London, Eastbourne, Cardiff, Bristol. Other cities in Spain and Italy, and even in the Antilles at Saint Martin and Saint Barth.


Frequently asked questions photo shoot

Frequently asked questions photo shoot

What I offer ?

The best I can do, beautiful photos that look like you and my good mood!
As soon as your date is reserved I will send you an email to help you in the preparation of your session or documentary and I will remain available as much as you want to answer all your questions.
Two days before we will confirm the time of your photo shoot and the location depending on the weather.
Then I will give you the images edited in high definition digital format, without signature or watermark, on a private gallery. You can dispose of it as you wish.
I sincerely believe that you should have a printed copy of your photos. These are truly extraordinary memories to have and to pass on from generation to generation! You can order a personalized album that I will prepare in your gallery and modify it as you wish, which is pretty cool.


I would put your images on a private gallery called Pic – Time and I love it. It allows you to select the photos you want to print, create a list and send it to your families, friends … It’s so simple.
You can print albums (which I will have specially designed for you or choose to make it yourself), canvas prints and many other options with just one click!

What budget should we expect ?

Photo sessions start at € 90. According to your needs and your desires I offer sessions and documentaries from 20 minutes to 72 hours.
The price includes downloading at least one digital file to your private gallery. You can of course order more directly online, just like the different prints ranging from 10x15cm format to photo book.

How many images will we have?

It depends on the shoot or the documentary you have chosen. This includes a number of images to download which you can consult in the prices and reservation tab. You have a wide choice and can easily order more if you wish. In any case, the more you indulge in your naturalness, the more different moments will happen and the more you will have the choice in the images, for sure.
For a 2 hour session, for example, you can choose 10 images from your private gallery from around 50.

Frequently asked questions photo shoot

When will we have the images?

You will have your images as quickly as possible without sacrificing the final quality, that’s the goal, right?
For the complete collection it takes about 2 weeks, but for years of pleasure!

We see a lot of black and white on your site?

Ah ah, yes it’s true!
It’s a personal choice because I like black and white. But rest assured, all the images that I will give you in black and white, you will also have them in color on your private gallery.

I'm not comfortable with the camera?

Don’t worry, I totally know how you feel! But don’t worry, my style is very relaxed and natural. I like to capture real emotion by just letting you be you. And I’ll walk you through the poses and ways to stay focused on you, not the camera.

Questions fréquentes séances photos

How to book?

I’m really happy to hear that!
Contact me to know my availability and tell me about your project and your desires.
Afterwards I will send you a contract that you will return to me with your payment to reserve the date.

You can also order your session online, then all you have to do is contact me to reserve your date.


To book your photo shoot, you pay when you send me your contract to book the date.
For documentaries from 8 am you pay a 50% deposit when you send me the contract and the balance on the day of the documentary.
After all rolls. Whether you pay by cash or wire transfer, what works best for you works for me.

What should we plan for our session

Take water and a snack, it is never pleasant to have a stomach that “gurgles” during a photo session, especially if you are pregnant or have children.
For the outfits, be yourself above all! And if possible coordinate your clothes in their colors and styles, give a theme to your session: retro, bohemian, chic, flowery … it helps everyone to be fitting. Avoid large logos.
On the make up hairstyle side, always the same, be yourself! Above all, you need to feel comfortable;)
If you wear glasses, keep them! For sunglasses, bring them and when necessary I will ask you to put them off.
If you like accessories (hats, flower crowns …) take them with you.

Frequently asked questions photo shoot & lifestyle session


If you choose me as a photographer for your documentary I could recommend videographers that I know well and with whom I am used to working. But you are completely free to choose yourself the person who will best meet your expectations. If he is also a professional, everything is always fine.

Frequently asked questions


Maybe your photographer!
But I’m so much more, so if you want to know me a little before contacting me, it’s here.


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