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Lyon wedding photographer gallery


Those who tell a story … Lyon wedding photographer gallery

Lyon wedding photographer gallery

Difficult to choose from all the weddings I have photographed only a few images. So these are the ones that I prefer, the ones that are representative of what I like to do.


Every year I meet extraordinary people, I spend fantastic days, I laugh, I also cry, I discover magical places, united families, mad couples in love … I see benevolence, tenderness, tears of joy , laughter. Champagne flows freely, the dance floors ignite, the ceremonies are beautiful and filled with emotion.

All these wonderful newlyweds entrust me with much more than their wedding photo report. They open up to me, they make room for me in their privacy, in their family. They give me their feelings, their fears, their joys, their loves.

Winter on the banks of the Saône, in the center of Lyon, at the Musée des Confluences. In the Alps, at the top of the mountains, lying in the snow, I survived the cold by creating memories of my newlyweds through my reports.

Spring in the Monts d’Or, the Swiss vineyards near Lausanne, the shores of Lake Geneva. Normandy and Colmar: a great discovery.

In summer the French Riviera, the Costa Brava, Briançon, the Monts d’Or, the Vercors, Switzerland and the Grand Hotel du Lac de Vevey, the Manoir de la Garde in Jarnioux, the Domaine Morgon and further south the magnificent Comptoir Saint Hilaire.

And autumn between Aix les Bains, Geneva, Bordeaux and the other side of the world on a beach with 40 ° and 90% humidity.

I do all these kilometers without even thinking about it because they are incredible human adventures!

Lyon wedding photographer gallery


I am a member of several international wedding photography associations. It’s a way to keep up with the current mainstream of wedding photography. I also like the idea of being part of a community, of a big family on whom we can count and which in everyday life pulls us up. Here are some awards I have received from these associations.

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